POSERS – Kaira Edas (Novel)



‘Money is the anthem of success. So put on mascara and your party dress’ L. Del Ray

“One, two, three,” I counted the few dollar bills in my wallet. I was standing in the kitchen of our rundown apartment building. The yellow wallpaper was rolling down the walls and the windowsills were covered in dust that had built up throughout the years. The cupboards had all lost their doors due to age and the sink is no longer silver, but brown from rust. Gia’s new MacBook that I stole a few weeks ago, stood on the beige coloured counters. The brand new kettle and microwave glimmered as the sun shone on it.

“GUYS!” Beth’s raspy voice yelled from the foyer. I quickly walked out into the hall. My eyes saw the large box Beth had in her hand. Packets of white powder. Her green eyes glistening with excitement.

“Really Beth, when did this shipment come in?” Gia murmured. Her monotone voice indicating how little interest she has.

“Yesterday, Boss said this will be the last for a while. The cops are onto them.” Beth noted. She bolted pass Reese and into her room.

“She definitely took a whiff of it on her way here.” Reese announced. Gia and I only nodded our heads.

Those are my girls. Gia Cane, Reese Solomon and Elizabeth Smith. And I’m Kiara Foster, and we are the Posers.

A group of young adults who indulge in criminal activities to sustain a living in New York City.

What’s different about us?

We give back to the poor. Like the classic tale of Robbin Hood, instead of being that compassionate, we take more than we give. Just trying to survive in this big city is already hard. The people aren’t the nicest and the streets aren’t the safest. But that doesn’t compare to the true beauty of this city.  You can feel the movement of everyone in the city. The way they do their own thing. It was so refreshing but at the same time confined. Wherever you move there’s someone. In New York we all experience the same thing, just at different times.

Like seeing rats at the subway or the terrible traffic. Not just negative things, we all smell the amazing street food and the fresh breeze in Central Park when we take a morning walk.

Great I’m off topic again.

“So I’ve been doing some research, and I have thought of a new scam.” I said aloud. We were all seated in the living room. Beth was counting the contents of the box while eating pretzels, Reese was watching videos on escaping prison and Gia was doing paperwork.

They all stared at me expectantly.

I’m a thief, if you haven’t guessed it yet. I steal because I can’t help it and I do it to survive. I only take from the rich though, I’m not that heartless to steal from people who are already suffering. I break into homes, stores etc.

Anyway, Gia is a con artist, she manufactures fake goods and sells them. She runs a small company. Beth is our dealer and exporter. She makes sure all our scams work perfectly without any mishaps. She also helps Reese with things we need. Reese is a locksmith and manipulator. She is an expert at getting us out of and into dangerous situations and she makes sure we get what we need. She also gets information about everything and anything we need.

“So I heard rumours that there’s an event at Chrysler Building in a few weeks. It’s super low-key, with only a couple hundred guests. Most of the guests are millionaires. The Bandini’s are having an art expo there and invited only the most prestigious families to join.” I rambled.

They all smirked at each other.

“This is our biggest one yet.” Reese grinned.

“And most dangerous one.” Gia blurted out.

“Nah, we’ll be fine. With you and Kiara, we’ll be fine.” Beth comforted.

“Anyway, we have to get into the building first. So Reese we are going to need you to get assistant uniforms and find ways to escape if things go south.” I said.

“Assistants?” she asked.

“Yes, these ‘rich’ people employed assistants to carry their things. So we are dressing up as assistants. Stealing their things will go much more smoothly that way.” I reported.

“Gia get some of your workers to replicate these jewels.” I instructed and gave her a stack of papers. Each has an image of the jewel they need to remake.

“Why?” Gia questioned.

“We are stealing their jewelry, obviously. Each of these are over one million dollars. We need replicas or they’ll notice it’s gone. If they notice it’s gone, they’ll report it and the staff will be searched.” I stated.

“And Beth we need you to make sure we aren’t detected as fakes. So set up fake personas and get some of your goods in there to sell. I’m sure Boss will appreciate it.” I stated.

“Good that’s all settled. We have a few weeks to get this done ladies. Let’s make the most of our time.” I sang.

“What will you do?” Reese questioned.

“I have to strategize and check out the venue.” I smirked.

2 days later

I walked down the bustling streets of New York. The ground is littered with brown and yellow leaves. Men and women rush to work, the elderly browse through stores and teens skip school. Autumn- the season of change. There is something so exhilarating about it.

The hot coffee burn my icy hands. My boots click on the road as I cross it. The large building cast a shadow, making me shiver due to the lack of sunlight to keep me warm. I came to a halt as I stood in front of the eccentric Chrysler Building. The large doors open and close as people rush inside and out.

I quickly straightened my coal coloured suit and throw my black hair off my shoulder. I gulp down the last of my coffee, which was a bad idea because I burned the crap out of my taste buds and throat. With a new found confidence and burning sensation in my chest, I swing open the mahogany doors and stride inside.

The tawny interior and golden lights take my breath away. The oasis of brown marble floors glisten as I walked to the reception. Large pillars hold the building. The half burned candles add to the divine light in here. Mesmerized by the beauty of the building, I don’t notice the strange stares I get.

Makes sense, a woman dressed in an all-black suit is twirling around like a five-year-old girl. I quickly regain my composure.

A beautiful woman sits behind the desk. She types with lighting speed over the keyboard. Her coal eyes scanning over the words faster than her typing. Her silver framed glasses sit low on her nose and her eyebrows are pulled into a frown. Her light makeup so well done that it is almost undetectable. But I know. How? I’ve met her before. Long ago.

“Excuse me.” I said in an authoritative tone. Her movements stop instinctively, her eyes scan over my features.  An inquisitive glint in her eyes sets me at peace. She doesn’t recognise me.

“Good Moring, can I help you with something?” her gravel voice reminded me of ice in a blender. Oddly enough, it was really soothing.

“I’m with Luxembourg Handlers, I was sent to examine the building for my Boss. He will be attending the gala in a few weeks. The Retribution right?” I quizzed.

“Ah yes, let me check the schedule.” She replied dryly.

She skimmed over the roster.

Please Reese, for the love of pretzels tell me you broke into their network and added it.

“I don’t see it.” She said.

“Check again” I gritted.

A few minutes her body relaxed. I think she found it.

“Yes, here’s your name. Enjoy your visit, and call this number if something is not to your satisfaction.” She said whilst writing down a number on a sticky note.

I only nodded my head and walked away.

It’s time to strategize.

(Extracted from my novel; Posers)





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